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Citizens Of The World Bond Over Their Potholes On Twitter

All roads lead to Rome, and they are terrible.
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Car gets swallowed by sinkhole in India

Car Zoops Directly Into Sinkhole

Time for a dip.
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Truck Bath FAIL

sinkhole cars truck - 6959669504
By Unknown
sinkhole oh god why bus Video - 69749505

Forget it, This Bus Belongs to the Earth Now

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ouch scary sinkhole whoops Video fail nation - 68979969

CCTV Cam of the Day: South Korean Couple Sucked Into Sidewalk Sinkhole

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Sinkhole Swallows Eight Vintage Corvettes

sinkhole cars - 8057974272
Via Neatorama
nature sinkhole - 53935617

Damn Nature You Scary of the Day: Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows an Entire Tree Grove

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Om Nom Nom Cars FAIL

accident car sinkhole - 6566379520
Via Reddit
FAIL oh china sinkhole Video whoops YT video - 37165057

Falling Into the Earth FAIL

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