People Are Eating Oranges in the Shower to Avoid Mess But Are More Disgusting Than Ever

Because we live in the weirdest time line, there's a whole Subreddit devoted to people eating oranges in the shower. Why? Because oranges are messy and people need their Vitamin C.

According to The Verge, "The Shower Orange is an extension of the treatise of the Shower Beer. A food or drink item that is good when consumed outside the shower (and does not disintegrate when wet) will be even better when consumed within the shower. In this instance, the shower not only enhances the original fruit, but actually solves its inherent sticky problem."​

I just think it's gross and weird. What is going on, Earth?

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microbrewery makes shower beer
Via Snask
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Sorry, rubber ducky, there’s a new bath toy in town, and it’s beer.

While everyone hates cleaning themselves, there’s one thing that could make it a whole lot better: Drinking. It’s common practice to sneak a Budweiser or even a Corona in the shower with you, but one microbrewery from Sweden is making a beer specifically for the shower.

“Shower Beer” as it is not-so-cleaverly named is a special beer that’s for the shower. The founder of PangPang Brewery, Fredrik Tunedal, says he came up with the idea after coming home from the brewery covered in malt dust and needing a shower. This beer is an ode to that special time as the water rains down on you.

How is specially made for the shower?

via Mashable

"I made to Shower Beer small enough to keep its temperature during the shower, and strong enough to mentally wash your workday off and get ready for a fresh night out,” he told Mashable.

He then goes on to describe the flavor as “heavily hopped” and “citrussy, soapy, and somewhat herbal profile.” Wait, soapy?