Update: 'It'll cost you $1.8 million': Business owner asks financial advisor to invest money for him, then will not pay his advisor's share

Update: 'It'll cost you $1.8 million': Business owner asks financial advisor to invest money for him, then refuses to pay advisor's share

A young business analyst saw an opportunity and didn't let it slip from their grasp. If you're looking to make a lot of money fast, you can certainly try the stock market. There are no guarantees in this game---you could also end up super broke or in debt. But if you play your cards right, just like u/TheBreakUp2013 did, you could net yourself some cold hard cash. This person provided a quick update to their much-beloved story about a deal with their boss that went wrong. They write that as a b…
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employee told they can't wear shorts because of hairy legs, shaves legs to wear shorts

Manager of Sweltering Office Bans Shorts to "Not See Hairy Man Legs," Employee Shaves Legs

Excellent play.
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Lady Liber-D

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This is Why the French Look Down on Us

shorts American Flag poorly dressed - 8212389888
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Someone Pull His Shorts Up!

beer butt shorts wtf - 4710229248
Created by Snake73

We Never Thought We'd Have to Tell Our Kids to Pull Their Shorts Down

shorts too short trends funny - 7450133504

Those Shorts Complement Your Skin Tone a Little Too Well

Hall of Fame pantsless shorts store - 5277460480

Your Shorts Seem Happy to See Me

shorts poorly dressed rip smile - 8372108800
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What's the Weather Like Today?

shorts poorly dressed hat - 8438532352
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One Etsy Entrepreneur Makes Shorts Out of Vintage Blankets

crochet shorts poorly dressed etsy vintage - 8436007424
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"Cold? Didn't Even Notice!"

tank top shorts poorly dressed winter - 8422736384
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Cold? Who's Cold?

shorts poorly dressed cold winter - 8386917888
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No One Will Be Able to Tell the Difference

shorts poorly dressed knockoff adidas - 8292884736
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I'm Fine, It's Barely Even Snowing

shorts poorly dressed snow winter g rated - 8358342656
Via Acid Cow

Too Hot For Pants, But Your Ankles Are Cold?

jeans shorts poorly dressed g rated - 8355354368
Via Acid Cow

Wear Your Emotions On Your Shorts

emoji shorts poorly dressed - 8258768384
Via Zara Terez
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