We need some sexual healing and what better way to fix the achy breaky with anything blue...Screen we mean. Sexual memes and puns are one of the defining aspects of our discourse as children. Who didn't get asked to join the Pen-15 club? Don't lie. 

Woman lies about her birth control use so that her partner will use a condom.

Woman Lies About Birth Control Use So That Partner Will Use A Condom

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Tweets About the 'Dirty Deed' That Are Bound to Get a Laugh

35 Tweets About the 'Dirty Deed' That Are Bound to Get a Laugh

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Video of Ben Affleck groping a female reporter is going viral again.

Disturbing Video Of Ben Affleck Groping Reporter Goes Viral

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urban dictionary entry of the pokemon name wartortle which is defined as an amount of female ejaculate

15 Pokemon Names That Urban Dictionary Has Made Disturbingly Sexual

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girl licking ice cream sexually in embarrassing story with her mom in the car | Person - Performing cunilingus on my ice cream cone while my mother is driving family car. She asked why am eating ice cream like so embarrassed eating out my dairy.

41 People Share Stories of The Most Embarrassing Sexual Acts They've Been Caught Performing

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gender homosexual sexual Video - 77651457

It's Only Fair to Let These Gay Men Touch a Vagina For the First Time

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homosexual sexual Video penis - 77224449

OMG These Lesbians Are Going to Touch a Penis For The First Time

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Welcome to 2012!

animals flowers poor execution sexual - 5622825472
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But Classy for at Least Ten

DIY poor execution sexual words - 5749709056
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No Need to Translate

Asian characters sexual - 4410853120
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No Thanks

DIY poor execution sexual words - 5064183808
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Description Innuendo FAIL

comcast innuendo not for kids sexual - 5775793408
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sexual - 5742936064
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Ugliest Tattoos: Mustache Hide

gross mustache mustaches sexual tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 5717216512
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sexual words - 5709858816
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sexual words - 5707262976
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