Funny yearbook quotes from high school seniors | Jessica Enciso Why fall love can fall asleep. | that's what she said Jacob Jones s She

Yearbook Quotes from When School Was a Thing

Quoth the Senior: "I'm never coming back here."
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A happy senior mistakes a man's car for a taxi, and a wholesome ride ensues | r/IDontWorkHereLady Join u/somethingwithatwo2 1y 's beautiful day train ride XL Right so this took place way back 2007 my early twenties, working full time at an auto parts store drove white 1982 Nissan Pulsar ancient but no complaints Relevant promise s 7am driving work one morning and pull up at crosswalk allow dog walker pass .

Cheery Senior Mistakes Man's Car For Taxi, Wholesome Ride Ensues

A beautiful random act of kindness.
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15 Interesting Times Old People Tussled With Social Media

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Blissfully Unaware Senior Mobs Down Highway In Scooter

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Teen Uses Grey's Anatomy Senior Quote For Secret Message WIN

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A Further 50 Senior Quotes That Are Gathered Here Today

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An Additional 20 Senior Quotes That Got an A

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Another 50 Senior Quotes That Made the Grade

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50 More Senior Quotes That Went On to Bigger and Better Things

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Setting the Record Straight

school picture funny Setting the Record Straight
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That Senior Prank Looks Familiar

school emoji prank That Senior Prank Looks Familiar
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A Really Old School Bus

just a bus full of really old students
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An Honest Senior Shirt

senior t shirts high school - 8393316096
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What Does Dad Know?

yearbook senior quote funny g rated School of FAIL - 8380857344
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Now Those Are Some Great Senior Pics!

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94th Year Senior

old yearbook senior wrong funny g rated School of FAIL - 7481337344
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