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No Amount of Coffee Could've Prepped Leo DiCaprio for the Stampede That Erupted When He Went to This Scottish Cafe

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No Thank You Nature Video of the Day: F*ck Ton of Midges Attack Scottish Dude

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Who Knew Flying a Kite Would Be a Full Body Workout?

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This Scottish Bro Can't Say "Purple Burglar Alarm" for the Life of Him

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English is a Beautiful Language in the Hands of the Scots

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The Scots Really Know How to Thrash

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Extra, Extra, Everything is Different Now!

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Wouldn't Mind Looking Up That Kilt...

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Scotland's Independence Vote Might Have Real Geological Consequences

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CNN Think Scotland is Giving it 110% on Their Independence Vote

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Husbands Have Needed Looking After for a Long Time

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Forget Godwin's Law, Check Out St. Peter's Rule

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How to Troll the Scottish Labor Party

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This Scotsman Received a "Ginger Discount Card" as a Joke, but Now It's Working

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See the Scottish Highlands Like Never Before on This Crazy Bike Ride

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Tourist Attraction of the Day: A Woman in Scotland Fills out the Wrong form on TripAdvisor. Now She's 87th of 168 Attractions.

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