A funny Tumblr post about how ridiculously superstitious scientists and engineers can end up being.

Tumblr Thread: Humans And Their Ridiculous Superstitions

Humans are a trip.
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tumblr thread about stupid scientific names

Tumblr Thread: Stupid But Widely Accepted Scientific Terminology

Of course it's called that.
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funny scientist superstition tumblr thread

Tumblr Thread: Scientists Have Terrific Superstitions In The Lab

A little magic keeps the mass spectrometer hummin'.
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squid ocean scientists ridiculous funny Video - 515846

Sassy Scientists Discover And Verbally Roast Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

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person waters their plants with microwaved water

Anti-Microwave Idiot Gets Absolutely Decimated by Real Science

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outraged people react to the onion articles

10 Times Outraged Nincompoops Believed The Onion

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We All Have One Inside of Us!

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Behold the Wonders of Science

scientists science funny - 8414772992
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Damn Neil, Calm Down

sexy times funny Neil deGrasse Tyson scientists - 8247820800
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Science Is All About Pudding

atoms nobel prize scientists - 8369461504
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Best LEGO Set Ever!

lego awesome scientists science women - 8350071296
Via Science to a Student

Nikola Tesla on the Beach

scientists Nikola Tesla funny vintage - 8211374336
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funny Music scientists Video - 61292033

What it Means to Be a Scientist

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videos scientists cartoons funny - 58358273

Never Interview a Scientist

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Scientists Are Hilarious

scientists pranks funny gifs g rated School of FAIL - 8035897344

A Hell of a Class Photo: Who Can You Spot?

marie curie scientists albert einstein funny - 7734381568
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