Video of a guy making air sausage.

Man Makes Sausage with Air Filling

You never know what kind of balloon animal products could be in those.
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A Video of a guy grinding up pizza rolls and turning them into sausage.

Guy Makes Sausage out of Totino's Pizza Rolls

You read that correctly.
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No One Knows If Denny's Marketing Team is Okay

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Annual Sausage Fest

Via captainwarwickshire

Meaty Delight FAIL

dong dude parts food p33n sausage Things That Are Doing It - 6565715712
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Costume Party: Extra Sausage

costume party sausage - 5134038272
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My Wife Does Love Sausage

funny sign sausage - 8337210368
Via Needs to Stop Burning

She Does Love Sausage

funny no no tubes sign wife sausage - 8304415488
Via Needs to Stop Burning

Always Coordinate With Friends

accessories poorly dressed friends sausage - 8125896704
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Best Meal Ever

kids parenting food sausage g rated - 8102524160
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Seattle Fans Are Totally off the Deep End Making These Marshawn Lynch-Inspired Sausages

sports uproxx football skittles sausage - 8026548480
Via Uproxx

Some Couples Were Just Meant to Be

hotdog couples portrait weird sausage - 7689112832
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When in Deutschland...

scarf poster sausage - 6875544576
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Who's the Sicko?

sex facebook sausage - 6870438912
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Meaty Treats FAIL

business dude parts name sausage truck - 6581438720
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Probably Bad News: And What are You Supposed to Be?

Hall of Fame Probably bad News sausage - 6391508736
Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath
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