AITA for blatantly pretending my roommate doesn't exist because of her "robbing prank?"

Woman Gets Robbed By Her Roommate As a "Lesson" For Not Locking the Door

Not locking the door is definitely a problem, but robbing your roommate as a "prank" in order to teach her a lesson is definitely not the solution.
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Customer recognizes mugger and thinks he works at convenience store | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by BraidedDivide Old lady mistakes mugger as employee work convenience store has strict "always comply with muggers" policy think because 's cheaper them deal with losing whatever's register than fighting suit an employee hurt defending

Customer Prevents Robbery by Mistaking Mugger for Employee

It's like something out of a sitcom.
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crazy bad scary privacy hotel woman creepy crime facebook bathroom robber story robbery - 7659525

Terrified Woman Discovers Creepy Secret Passage Intruder Used to Rob Her

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The Garden Ninja Strikes Again!

crime ninja robber - 6518508288
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justice robber Video win - 49956353

The Tables Turn Pretty Quickly on This Robber

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You Can Run...

criminal robber arrested Walmart thief police - 6817014272
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Jeez, Lern2Criminal

criminal robber - 6787940096
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What is This, I Don't Even...

robber robbery wat what is this i dont even - 6651567872
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Not Today WIN

animated chair convenience store gifs robber thief - 6470357248
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WIN!: Door Mat WIN

design g rated Hall of Fame home security robber theft win - 6040217856
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Burglar FAIL

burglar climbing failboat g rated robber stuck trespassing - 4770300416
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banks facepalm failboat g rated id Probably bad News robber robbery win - 4594971392
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