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'Sucks to be her': Customer gets revenge on a full-cart Karen who cut him in the grocery store express lane by using all of her reward points to get cheap gas

Customers who whip out a rewards card at every grocery store live every moment thinking about 10 cents of savings and they are very serious about their discounts. Typically those 'rewards members’ tend to also be the Karen or Kevin types and they can be a huge pain, thinking that every grocery store employee and patron is their personal servant.
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'Are you a moron?': Retail cashier gets chewed out by a Karen after offering her a rewards credit card for the second time

Working retail is the biggest soul sucking job known to man. Nobody grows up aspiring to be a cashier working the register, forced to endure customers's stupid jokes ("if it doesn't scan it's free, right?"), listening to mild pop music on loop, and surviving inadequately balanced AC. However maddening the endless onslaught of beeping barcodes, inventory nights, matching aprons, and dealing with incoming merchandise, the worst thing by far about working in retail are the Karens.
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