repair car cars mechanic tifu - 16141829

Mechanic Takes on Job He Shouldn't, Destroys Engine, Has to Pay

That's a whoopsie.
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story of man who doesn't want emergency night repairs, he antagonizes the repairman and gets arrested

Entitled Goofball Calls Cops On Emergency Pipe Repairman, Gets Arrested

The tables, how they turn.
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Repairman tricks entitled mom | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Longshot79 11 hours ago EK gets us "suspended week oc M Ok work on elevators, and at this time an apprentice working on service jobs with mechanic call him "Rick Now Rick really nice guy got along really well, but he had bit short fuse. Thrown tools were fairly normal if he got frustrated. Anyways were working on an elevator with machinery basement, and some only accessible elevator pit took all steps normally would, put signs on

Entitled Mom Demands to Speak to Elevator Tech's Supervisor, It's Him

Buttons were pressed.
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Old landlord refuses to do repairs and ends up going bankrupt after being reported.

Old Landlord Refuses To Do Repairs, Ends Up Going Bankrupt

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Customer leaves one star review because company won't fix his fridge during a hurricane evacuation, the owner leaves a good response.

Customer Leaves One-Star Review Because Place Won't Fix His Refrigerator During Hurricane

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Every Town Could Use One of These

repair facebook women - 8965463040
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repair FAIL TV Video - 80943105

Shady Repairman Gets Caught Trying to Overcharge a TV Show Host

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repair tired cars How To Video - 74499585

Realistically This is How Repairing a Flat Tire Goes

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Check Your Blind Spots, AND Your Fine Self

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Anything, Eh?

FAIL fix repair - 3843318016
By Unknown

What To Do When Repairs Aren't Cheap

holes personification rawr repair - 4221304064
By Thomas
repair faucet broken Video - 71247361

Maybe This Faucet Isn't Broken, but Just Thirsty?

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Might be Time for Some Gutters

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Definitely a Secret Hidden Behind That Wall

Via BishopMyriel

Bonus Points (XP?) for Creativity

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dad Video rage repair - 70614017

There's No Rage Quite Like "Dad Trying to Fix Something" Rage

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