story about rental car place tries to charge extra day so guy takes car mudding and fee gets cancelled

Guy Muds Himself Out Of Unfair Rental Charge

There are times to fight dirty.
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Reddit story of boss who gets locked out based on their own policy | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by darlin_squishy Maliciously complied and locked my boss out his own home EDIT: Thank so much gold award used work as property manager semi large company small city. Among usual duties PM

Manager Gets Nailed By His Own Unfair Policy

The tables, how they turn.
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Company flies a recruit out, cancels the project, so the recruit drives a rental car 800 miles home | Company recruits senior position, brings their HQ, project gets canceled while interviewing and supposed pay trip don't think so reading post another subreddit regarding things caused walk out an interview and reminded this experience had 20+ years ago. Hope fits here TL;DR: Company flies their home office interview killer position, job disappears during interview, they won't pay hotel or return

Company Cancels Recruit's Project, Recruit Drives Rental Car 800 Miles Home

They refused to pay for hotel or airfare, after flying them out.
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She Makes Him Wear That for Advertising

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She Knows How to Advertise

wtf rental funny dating - 8300345856
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How About a Romantic Adult Comedy?

movies porn rental romantic comedy We Are Dating - 5102347008
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