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Tumblr User Imagines Horror Comedy, Stars Pizza Delivery Dude

Ah yes, another Tumblr user yet again proving why the world of Tumblr is full of countless comedic gems. It's a place that's filled to the brim with strange insights, and people falling down all kinds of weird rabbit holes. In this case, we've got a promising concept of a pizza delivery dude (apparently Rami Malek), who ends up navigating a world of different horror movies. Fun stuff.

Tumblr user imagines a horror comedy movie where a pizza delivery guy ends up in the middle of different movies | giveamadeuschohisownmovie Concept horror comedy about pizza delivery guy who has deliver several last minute pizzas on graveyard shift gimmick is each house he visits is middle another horror movie. Like first house has serial killer chasing guests next house is zombie outbreak next house has swamp monster, and so on. And all pizza delivery guy cares about is delivering pizza. Also,
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