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InfoWars Editor Missattributes A Quote to Hitler, Gets Totally Schooled

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Teen Uses Grey's Anatomy Senior Quote For Secret Message WIN

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50 Senior Quotes That Passed with Honors

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Collection of our favorite quotes from the TV show character, Creed Bratton ("The Office")

11 of Our Favorite Quotes From "The Office's" Creed Character

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Collection of deep quotes that'll inspire deep thinking.

10 Alternative Quotes That'll Send You Into a Spiral of Deep Thinking

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Vaguely evil and funny curses to troll your friends with on social media.

10 Vaguely Evil, Highly Entertaining Curses to Troll Your Friends With on Social Media

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It's always sunny in Philadelphia quotes and moments

29 Ridiculous Moments and Quotes From 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

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29 Insights of Humor and Wisdom From the Legend Mitch Hedberg

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Billy West Recorded Some Choice Donald Trump Tweets in the Voice of Zapp Brannigan

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It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur

image high school quote It's a Breeze. A Hot, Horrible Breeze With Bits of Sulfur
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funny boarding sign using lyrics from Carry On Wayward Son

The Employee Responsible for These Amazing Boarding Signs May Be a Little Too Good at His Job

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The Origin of a Clearly Beautiful Friendship

funny memes we later became friends
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Hey Jude, Why Won't You Text Me Back?

the Beatles reading photoshop quote - 8571013632
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Thanks, Mom

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Dimly Lit Dimwit

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The Difference Between Seniors and Freshmen

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