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Dirtbag Feels Entitled To Leave "Poor" Boyfriend After Saddling Him With Debt

That is some serious psycho behavior. The weird thing about certain people is that their capacity for soulless class-grabbing vastly outweighs their ability to self-reflect. And that's how you get absolutely vile and vampiric behavior such as this. The internet was quick to cut through this lady's lofty excuses and boiled her actions down to pure selfishness. For some more wildness, here's the stealing wife who turned fugitive and got tracked down.
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Chef Marco Pierre White Describes Making Gordon Ramsay Cry

Now that's a hard boss to have.
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cruel pranks people witnessed

The Cruelest Pranks People Have Witnessed

Who is this fun for?
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askreddit tricks and ways to mess with people | reddit post by CaramelCrumble Hand them trash conversation. Usually, if reach out with something other person will take and if they're busy talking they won't pay attention handing them do sometimes fun and expression get they finally look down and realize just handed them my trash take care is great.

Psychological Tricks and Ways to Mess With People

Weird out your coworkers and alienate your friends!
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23 Moments That Made Parents Want to Get Rid of Their Kids

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Psychopath Threatens His Female Coworkers With Violent Rape and is Promptly Reported to Police

Psychopath Threatens His Female Coworkers With Violent Rape and is Promptly Reported to Police

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Your Instagram Is Getting Old

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Heres MESSY!

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Hell Hath No Fury...

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Some People Are Just PSYCHO

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Dating Fails: I Pronounce You Both Crazy

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Failbook: Can You Tell the Difference?

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What She's Saying Is, Don't Settle

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Bonnie and Clyde the 13th

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Doesn't She Know that Air Conditioners Are the Leading Cause of Impotence?

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There Are Some Real Psychos Out There

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