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Tumblr breaks down color theory | memewhore So our local children's hospital re- cently redecorated, but not too sure they really thought things out gildatheplant Literally any other colour would've been better choice guys.

Tumblr Breaks Down Color Theory

Should've gone with purple.
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paint slow mo fireworks pretty colors Video - 46640641

Fireworks and Paint, the Combination We Never Knew We Needed

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pretty colors science information Video - 82800641

This is What it's Like Having Synesthesia

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Scientists Discover Striking New Color, and It's Obviously Called YInMn

Via mentalfloss

The Hubble Took an Image of a 'Blue Bubble' That Is Actually a Nebula

space science image The Hubble Took an Image of a 'Blue Bubble' That Is Actually a Nebula
dancing pretty colors Video - 67704577

Lights, String, Dance, Action!

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fireworks pretty colors Video g rated win - 65570817

Wait Until the 3:11 Mark for the Biggest Firework Ever

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Have a Seat, Pick a Color!

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These Paints + UV Lights = Cool Body Paint!

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This Bus Goes All the Way to Party-Town

bus color vomit leggings neon pretty colors stripes - 6202909696
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It's Not a Colorful Bug, It's a Rainbow Feature!

craigslist for sale pretty colors rainbow printer g rated win - 8486897920
Created by punkcoder
mother nature ftw Travel pretty colors Video - 70710785

Beautiful Reflections in Bolivia

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design pretty colors Video - 70613249

The Decorations Come Alive With This Cool Kinetic Chandelier Design

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Who Pulled It Off Better?

80s fashion neon pretty colors - 6192670720
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flowers pretty colors Video - 70517761

Flying Over One of the Biggest Gardens in the World

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The Game's Over, This Guy Wins

beach crazy pretty colors rainbow - 6220148224
Created by BizzleMcDizzle
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