‘You don’t get any credit': Student presents project to entire school, making sure classmate doesn't get any credit, leading to classmate getting removed from school program

‘You don’t get any credit': Student presents project to entire school, making sure classmate doesn't get any credit, leading to classmate getting removed from school program

Every kid wants to do well in school without actually putting in the hard work, or maybe that's just me. I wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, nor did I put in the work and effort to get good grades, and looking back, I can see how annoying that must have been for the other students, especially when I was involved in a group project. Those were the absolute worst… One student got really petty after one of his classmates tried to take partial credit in a joint project after not doing a singl…
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employee boss salary paycheck pay-pay pay check money resignation revenge petty-revenge pro-revenge nuclear-revenge ghosts ghost ghosting presentation meeting quit quitting

'So I started planning my exit': Employee ghosts his boss after he repeatedly 'forgets' to pay him, sends him a resignation letter instead of showing up for an important meeting

People have jobs so that we get paid. Work is certainly not a hobby and a paycheck is a standard expectation from your boss every two weeks– it's honestly the bare minimum requirement that we ask of them. In this case, a diligent employee was fuming after months of reminding his boss to write him his salary checks– he used this fury to fuel a fiery resignation.
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food with stupid presentations | shrimp served on top of a vintage old school rotary phone | crackers held up in a comb propped up on a log of wood

Food Served on Everything But Dishes

How about a taco on a 2x4?
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Crazy WTF school presentations | sharmander15 29.8k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago Someone my class did book report on dictionary teacher pissed, all us students thought hilarious. Never heard end presentation.

Class Presentations that went Off The Rails

Good times.
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restaurants trying to be original by serving food in weird ways

25 Ridiculous Times Restaurants Tried Way Too Hard to Be Original

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funny presentation wins and fails

28 Presentation Fails and Wins That Make You Wonder If These People Graduated

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restaurant fails and bad food

25 Ridiculous Times Restaurants Failed at Presentation

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FAILS school FAIL presentation anime rap cringe brony hitler - 355846

This School Presentation Compilation Will Make You Cringe Back In Time

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the matrix presentation high school Video - 84468737

Watching This High School Student Explain How Lion King Ripped Off The Matrix Is Way More Entertaining Than Expected

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Sentiments of A Professor

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PowerPoint Through The Cramping

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Nelson Mandela Loves Zihuatanejo

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Science Project I Can Get Behind

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A Really Honest Final Presentation

finals presentation fail A Really Honest Final Presentation
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The Slowest, Most Droll Way to Go Out

bored powerpoint presentation sleeping - 5382306048

Now That's a Presentation

school wtf presentation idiots - 7540781824
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