portrait tattoos

It Turns Out That Even the Dates are Wrong!

face portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6438872576
Created by Unknown

Nailed It

face portrait tattoos tribute tattoos - 6477546496

This is What Happens When You Lose a Bet

back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7053451520
Created by David Donovan

"I'm So Depressed, and Vain"

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7050534912
Created by Unknown

Well, They Got the Earrings Down

hair back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7383698176
Created by roberttatoo.rodriguez

Mama Loves Her Little Man

Babies moms back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7345205504
Created by fallon.whaley

Face Fail

portrait tattoos chest tattoos faces - 7296419840
Created by anonymous

Nailed It!

Babies portrait tattoos lat tats - 7352537088
Created by anon

Hope it Sounds Better Than it Looks

back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7305856256
Created by Unknown

Bieber Rides a Unicorn

arm tattoos unicorns portrait tattoos - 7310259456

This Tattoo Can Count to Potato

portrait tattoos derp - 7204245248
Created by Unknown

Portrait Fail

hearts back tattoos portrait tattoos - 7234108672

I Am Scribble Jesus!

jesus arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7175091200
Created by Unknown

Kevin Bacon?

arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7159188736
Created by Unknown

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

tribute tattoos arm tattoos portrait tattoos - 7163465472
Created by joyloveedwards

Hot Enough to Melt a Face

arm tattoos portrait tattoos children - 7140440064
Created by Sick-Sht
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