poorly dressed

My professor told me to wear a longer skirt in our class email

'I'm just feeling a bit humiliated and unfairly called out': Professor tells college student to wear a longer skirt in a class-wide email

I don't see this ending well for the professor...
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AITA for asking my fiancé to wear a different dress to a work event?

'I see her putting on the tight, less nice dress': Couple gets into argument over dress code for a work event

Now, all dress codes are dumb, but this guy may have actually been in the right.
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Save This Idea For Next Year

balls christmas sweaters christmas reindeer poorly dressed g rated - 8411874304
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He's Got a Great Point

poorly dressed style picking up chicks idiots - 8372119552
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Accidentally Dressing Like a Popsicle is Not as Cool as it is Punny

funny fail image woman accidentally dresses exactly like popsicle
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That Outfit Really Highlights Her Best Parts

funny fail image teacher dressed like highlighter
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The Moment You Realize Your Fashion Sense is "Hotel Lobby"

funny fail image hotel lobby fashion faux pas
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Be Careful What You Wish for When You Ask Your Husband for A "Sexy Dress"

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Who Doesn't?

t shirts poorly dressed - 8198516992
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I Remember Those Days Fondly

tank top poorly dressed - 8434477824
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Where Did That Stain Come From?

jeans poorly dressed - 8381374208
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Tiny Terror

costume parenting scary poorly dressed - 8326048768
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Need Something That Says I'm Patriotic AND I Hate Real Clothes?

American Flag patriotic poorly dressed onesies - 8030096896

This is Why the French Look Down on Us

shorts American Flag poorly dressed - 8212389888
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fedora poorly dressed - 8074192384
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Keep Your Pants Up Any Way You Can

SpongeBob SquarePants poorly dressed - 8392120320
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