funny bad product knockoffs

Weird Knockoffs and Off Brands That Aren't Fooling Anyone

Where the cola choices are Poopsi and Cake.
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An ex-advisor plagiarizes someone's work, gets exposed, and then loses her job | r/ProRevenge Join u/RelativelySorrowfull 20h 1 81 My ex-advisor plagiarized my work, so exposed her and cost her job. Just found out about this subreddit and had share this story initial reason revenge happened 2013, but revenge only happened 2017 keep everything vague as not be recognized context: Back 2013 graduate student pursuing my master's degree my last year program had 24 months finish all work and dissertat

Ex-Advisor Plagiarizes Work, Gets Exposed, Loses Job

Completely appropriate.
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Ashton Kutcher graduation speech by principal plagiarized fail

Principal Plagiarizes Entire Graduation Speech

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school FAIL cringe plagiarism - 7358469

Plagiarizer Gets Expelled And Then Tries To Sue For A Refund From The Person He Cheated Off Of

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africa school FAIL legal plagiarism cheating School of FAIL story new york illegal funny college - 6276613

Expelled Plagiarizer Tries to Sue for Refund from Guy Who Helped Him Cheat

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stupid essays written by students

14 Teachers Share The Dumbest Essays Turned In by Students

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George R.R. Martin Has Some Advice for Writing Essays

Steal from many, it's better that way
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Professors Can Have Some Strange Requests

homework plagiarism teacher funny - 8428058112
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Now That's How You Stop Plagiarism

literature plagiarism funny text book - 8391940352
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Nice Try, Bro

plagiarism - 7881121280
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Nice Try, Mr. Plagiarist

plagiarism - 7770670592
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An Ode to Plagiarizing

wolfram alpha plagiarism math g rated School of FAIL - 7303154944
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They Didn't Even Think to Change Gandalf's Name!

Lord of the Rings plagiarism gandalf The Hobbit failbook g rated - 6874731008
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Ben Has Been Denied

plagiarism stealing from the interne - 6523699968
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Art Thief

art busted liar oh snap plagiarism - 5835360000
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busted jimmy kimmel plagiarism robert downey jr - 5654002176
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