dogs editing photoshop photoshopped funny derp - 16231941

Dog Does A Derp Catching Snowball, Gets Photoshopped To The Nines

Photoshop is the best. It doesn't take a whole lot to inspire creativity in people with photoshop, or in some of these cases possibly MS Paint. One solid image of a dog doing something weird, an issued challenge, and people on the internet are off to the races trying to find the weirdest, funniest or most fitting location for that derpin' dog. For some delectable photoshop trolls, here are some choice photoshop trolls from the master James Fridman.
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wtf cringe photoshop amazing win animals - 16061701

43 Animal Photoshops That are Abominations of Nature

This is not what nature intended.
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amazing photoshop wins

26 Amazing Photoshops That Will Surprise Your Sister

Make sure to show these to her.
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Poorly photoshopped images from instagram and social media

Ridiculous Failures of Photoshop and Judgement That Have Uncanny Appearances

Never take what you see at face value.
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funny animals people photoshopped

Animals That Got The Photoshop Treatment

Alright, so that's great.
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funny photoshop demands that get trolled by James Fridman | e didn't bear with Hi James, could please make bear realistic | Hi James, Could please get rid people background? Done. Eiffel tower

Masterful Photoshop Trollings From The King James Fridman

He's like a photoshop genie and not in the good way.
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funny wholesome work story

The Wholesome Tale Of A Coworker Getting One Over On Old Joe

Now that's a healthy workspace.
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funny James Fridman photoshop trolls

Delightful Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

That's why he's the best.
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funny twitter thread enlarging collar using photoshop

Twitter User Promises Enlarged Collar In Exchange For Likes, It Gets Too Big

Ya know, normal stuff.
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Funny times James Fridman trolled people's photoshop requests | James Fridman Kelsey Hil! Can remove pole front Sure. couple at wedding and collapsed tent

Choice Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

They got more than they bargained for.
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unrealistic photoshop fails | woman in a safety helmet winking at the camera with a person behind her looking completely warped | man with giant square jaw and tiny nose

Cringeworthy and Unrealistic Photoshop Fails

Learning self acceptance might be easier than learning photoshop.
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A collection of funny photoshop trolls from James Fridman | Heather James Fridman Can make look like im tree Done.

Hilarious Photoshop Trolls From The Master, James Fridman

James always delivers.
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A collection of hilarious photoshop trolls from the master, James Fridman | love work and woundering could u make my arms look bigger this picture thank u keeo up good work man with long gorilla arms

Hilarious Photoshop Trolls From The Masterful James Fridman

Top notch work, James.
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A collection of times that James Fridman trolled people with photoshop | James Fridman efjamie013 Hey @fjamie013! Can please adjust this Sure. picture order make look as if am holding cliff? Thanks!

Prime Photoshop Trolls From The Master, James Fridman

Ask and you shall receive.
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Husband falls asleep in car and the background gets changed with photoshop | Sharea Overman Awakening Inspiration and Support Professional Photographers 22h R hope this is allowed husband fell asleep. Can y'all photoshop things window so can show him he missed while he are on road and my asleep??

Community Photoshops In The Many Things Sleeping Husband Missed

What a big road trip.
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Funny Russian wedding photoshop | weird wtf edited wedding photos bride descending down stairs with tiny groom wearing a jet pack | bride sitting on groom's shoulders in the middle of a lake

Classic Russian Wedding Photoshops

Why? Because.
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