My Smoothie Cartons Are Getting All Philosophical on Me

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By Unknown

A Heartwarming Poem

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Should We Create AI?

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Viewing the Earth From Space Changes Us

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Take My Breath Away

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By IanHoff

I Wonder...

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By panhead1212

I Love You, You Love Me. But Isn't This an Expression of Selfish Lust?

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By QuiznosElementary

Quit Getting All Philosophical on Me!

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By jackmrrs

Philosophical Conundrums

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Ha! Take That, Westboro

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By Unknown

Does Never Answer Correctly?

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By SaraSmith810

Bacon Philosophy WIN

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By thefrogg

Yearbook Club: Someone's The Golden Child Here

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By Unknown

Let's Hear it For Marketable Skills!

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School of Fail: And You Thought Schrodinger's Cat was Confusing!

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Phloispher Pls

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