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17 Times Morons Tried To Grasp Sex Ed on Social Media

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Ladies Don't Eat It

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This Mother/Daughter Duo Bond Over Text Trying to Find Tampons and Smashing the Patriarchy

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This Swedish Song Wants Women To Know They're Bloody Normal

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There is No Shame in This Little Kid's Grocery Shopping Helping Game

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No If's, And's or Butt's About It

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Now This is What I'd Call Bad Blood

Now This is What I'd Call Bad Blood
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The Newest iPad Just Leaked

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Men Are Given a Menstrual Cup and Try To Guess What It Is

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Are You Using the Rosetta Stone?

learning a language is fun and you haven't had your period?
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Periodically Embarrassing

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She's Super Slick

she was extra wet
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Students Are Getting More Clever By the Day

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Qualified for Bio Waste Removal

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I Don't Think You're Actually That Funny

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So Much for the Education System

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