Waddle like a penguin. Or better yet, tap those happy feet and find a pebble. These fluffy birds will have you finding your own beat and laughing at their antics and jokes.

Movie Theater Penguin

animal art bird boredom clever cold cooler creativity in the workplace cute decoration fridge monday penguin recycling reminder sculpture sharpie wasteful - 3698437632
Created by Carly

Your Chances of Dating While Going to an All Boys School

lonely penguin will never get to mate
Via He ActuallyDoes

This is the Last Thing You See Before a Penguin Eats You

animals photography penguin timing g rated win - 7941388288
Via Indulgd
gross penguin weddings funny Video - 54902273

This is Why You Don't Invite a Penguin to Your Wedding

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Life Would Be WAY Simpler

comics penguin monday thru friday g rated - 7140392960
Via Sebastien Millon

I Must Be in the Wrong Place...

costume penguin - 6098576128
Created by Unknown

Engrish Funny: Surely The Penguin Is Smarter Than That

Japan japanese penguin zoo - 6014213376

Linux Penguin Develops A Drinking Problem

drinking linux penguin windows - 5972923904

FAIL Nation: Penguin Awareness FAIL

animals fail nation g rated irony penguin wtf - 5750338304

"A Few" WIN

animals flock Hall of Fame mother nature ftw nature penguin - 5552965888
Created by sixonefive72

Probably Bad News: Badtz Maru Has To Make Ends Meet

penguin Probably bad News robbery stupid criminals - 5496741376
Via AZ Central

Ice Molds WIN

arctic design drink glass ice ice cube mold penguin polar bear - 5255659264

Found My Beach Read!

books penguin romantic We Are Dating - 5064842240

Fitting In FAIL

animals birds failboat g rated penguin - 4766402816
Created by Stephen


failboat oddly specific penguin sign zoo - 4490049280


failboat fish oddly specific penguin signs smell - 4253952768
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