Guy's Mr. Bean-Inspired Revenge Turns into Friendship

And no, he didn't strap an armchair to his Beetle and run the other kid off the road. Anyone who grew up watching Mr. Bean has always partly wished they could get away with some of the awesome stuff he did. It's awesome to learn someone pulled a Mr. Bean in real life, and it actually went well.

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Fail of The Day: Store Pulls 'For Her' Pink Pencils After Online Backlash
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Women need pink pencils. How else are they supposed to write down things like their grocery list and wedding plans? DUH.

That, obviously, sounds ridiculous. But that is the message one blogger thinks UK department store John Lewis was making with their pink "For Her" pencils.

After online backlash, the store told Mashable they would pull the pencils from shelves.

The pencils features sayings like "Girl Boss," "Glamorous" and "Buy The Shoes!"

Writer Hannah Dunleavy had some things to say about them:

Yes indeed, if you are heading to an important meeting, nothing says 'respect me' more than a pink pencil with the words Girl Boss on. I only hope no one makes the mistake of taking the 'Buy The Shoes!' pencil into a meeting and has to leave to go shopping. Can you imagine!

But seriously, women love shoes, don't they? And glitter and bling and smelling roses. It's a wonder we get anything done at all.

On the other hand, some women saw no problem at all with the pink pencils.

To each their own?