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Deterring Theft FAIL

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If I Expend More Energy, Things Work Better, Right?!

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You Abuse the Machine and Expect a Reward? You Monster!

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Parenting and Indirect Aggression, a Potent Combination

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Passive Aggressive WIN

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Created by Beth

No Last Name. Just Not Becky

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Created by ReikoBleu

Not that We're trying to Say Anything About the Last Person (*CINDY*)

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More Subtle Than Comic Sans But Just as Deadly

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Passive Aggressive Poetry FAIL

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Super-Dee Duper

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Problem? Just Add Signs

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...Not as I Do.

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Created by omaniac92

Effective Communication Techniques in the Break Room

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And That's Being Generous

passive aggressive your friends are laughing at you - 4733315584
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Stolen Water WIN

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For Your Safety

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