Cooking in the coffee maker, to save the company money

'I wanted to save money': Employee cooks dinner in hotel room's coffee pot while traveling for work

This satirical LinkedIn post satirizes saving company money in order to get a promotion.
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the sopranos parody zoo orangutan lol amazing silly funny - 107813633

The Sopranos Intro But With An Orangutan

There's just something about an orangutan driving a golf cart that makes life worth living. As much as James Gandolfini was compared to a gorilla in his life, we at least like to think that he'd appreciate a literal ape reprising his role in one of the most iconic title sequences ever. The Zoopranos.
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spoof news birds-aren-t-real morning news conspiracy trolling parody morning dumb funny stupid - 107803137

"Birds Aren't Real" Founder Trolls Chicago Morning News

“Birds Aren't Real” is a parody conspiracy movement with the express goal of getting the word out that the government has replaced every bird with a robotic replica. Given the opportunity to talk about his cause in the high stakes world of Chicago morning news, Peter McIndoe did this.
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Food parody of Chumbawamba song "Tubthumping"

Chumbawamba Parody About Eating Like Garbage Is Too Relatable

Yeah, that's about right.
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parody movie trailer tenet low budget, cracked parody trailer

We Remade Tenet for $20

Naturally, it's gold.
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Man's parody in hilarious Twitter thread challenges the moon landing | David Hughes @david8hughes Let's talk about moon landings. There's no way they happened and this thread going explain why

Twitter Thread: Man's Parody Hilariously Challenges Moon Landing

This is gold.
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A funny bot written AC/DC style song.

Bot Written AC/DC Song Is Pretty On-Brand

"Fire at will yeah, cause I shoot to shoot my gun."
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Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's Austin Powers Parody Video

That Time Bill Gates Did an Austin Powers Parody

It happened.
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A parody of a nature video featuring backwards hippos.

The Majestic Backward Hippo

Nature is beautiful.
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Funny memes about how different wildlife is coming back | ronnie mcdonnie @taladorei with everyone on lockdown lime scooters are finally returning river. nature is healing are virus. electric scooters sinking in water

Twitter Makes Memes of News that "Nature is Healing"

So majestic.
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funny shrek 2 scene that parodies the movie cops criminal busted

Hilarious Cops Parody In "Shrek 2"

Might've missed some of these jokes as a kid.
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Parody Customer Support

Lady Asks Fake Customer Service Account for Help, Wonderful Trolling Ensues

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fake products, obvious plant, photoshop

38 Obvious Plant Products That Made Us Howl with Pleasure

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funny parody toys, obvious plant

19 Obvious Plant Products That Made Us Guffaw with Mirth

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funny antique re-captions

28 Hilariously Priceless Antiques Roadshow Re-Captions

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Music parody ridiculous festival Video - 510470

Fyre Festival 2019 Is Back In Hilarious Parody Video That Nails The Ridiculousness

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