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10 Total Dips Who Believed the Most Outlandish Onion Articles

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They're No Sister Act, That's Just an Embarrassing Mistake

funny fail image tweets mistakes Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah Winfrey at 2016 Oscars
Via WGf1

This Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality

funny fail image Australian Magazine's Typo Predicts Oprah Immortality
Via @ABCmediawatch

Twitter's #FirstTweet Mini-Site Reveals Oprah Joined Social Media in ALLCAPSMODE

oprah twitter - 8116209664
Via Uproxx

Everybody Gets a Sweatshirt!

poorly dressed sweatshirt oprah g rated - 8068560128
Via happyblackhistorymonth

Does Nature Imitate Oprah, or Does Oprah Imitate Nature?

nature oprah - 7755064832
By Unknown

Oprah Glasses

opera oprah spelling - 7093127424

Fountain of Foreskin

oprah foreskin - 6999493120
By Nataliethecatlady

Better Drink My Own PED

bear grylls Lance Armstrong oprah neil armstrong - 6991269120
By hat

Truly an Oprah!

les mis opera oprah Les Misérables failbook g rated - 6930889472
By bxhype1991

Failbook: Talk Show of the Night

failbook g rated opera oprah spelling typo - 6300154368
By Unknown

Photoshop FAIL

oprah photoshop wtf - 5952568064
By ilonalulz

The Music of the... Not Quite

oprah spelling Witch Your Spelling - 4819577600
By Unknown


failboat guide monkeys oprah racism television - 4331510784
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