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Trying to Make a Broken Hip Cool

dancing pole dancing TV old people Video win - 79378689

Get Ready to Wish Your Next Pole Dance Was From This 70-Year Old

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phones FAIL technology old people selfie Video - 79192065

These Women Take the "It's a Video, Not a Picture" Prank to Another Level By Doing it To Themselves

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A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard?!

funny twitter image A Tipsy Martha Stewart Rode a Hoverboard
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Do You Think She Googled It?

grandma calls about bukkake
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St Patrick's Day irish old people reaction Video - 192007

Nothing Irritates This Old Irishman More Than Being Asked About St. Patrick's Day

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grandma driving old people lamborghini Video win - 78597889

There's Only One Problem For Two Grannies in a Lamborghini...

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This Old Guy Totally Dominates the "Try Not to Laugh" Game on a Japanese Game Show

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rap grandma old people Video win - 78548993

Rapping Granny Spits Hot Fire in the Back of an Ambulance

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Better Than Losing Her Mind


Well That Makes it Easier

old people win dating - 8492392960
Created by Sup123

Not Even the Flash Phased Her Selfie Game

old people jurassic park Video - 78233345

Follow This Guy to Amazing Sights and Almost Certain Death

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It Was in That Moment Grandma Lost Her Will to Live

funny memes turn 100 cant play with legos
FAIL couch irish old people moving Video - 78089985

The Irish Way of Moving a Couch

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Add "Paid Off Student Loans" to the That List One Day

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