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An Epic Obituary For A Hard Living Old Man Is Filled With Comedy Gems

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Dead Dude Gets One Obituary From His Wife, One From His Girlfriend, and One Ridiculous Funeral

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Honest Journalism

doug died newspaper obituary
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Rest in Peace, Now Get Some Fresh Air

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Cause of Death: Being too Gosh Dang Awesome

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We're Sorry to Hear About Your Passing

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People Magazine Accidentally Published Their Obituary of Kirk Douglas... While Douglas is Still Alive

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Everybody Loved Pervert Dave, but Not as Much as David Loved EVERYONE

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Walter Has Been Writing His Own Obituary for Years, and It's the Best

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Read This Obituary and Mourn the Loss of the Funniest Old Fart

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Take a Seat and Read the Obituary of the Coolest Person Ever

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The Obituary for Matt Groening's Mom Will Look Familiar to "Simpsons" Fans

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New York Times FAIL, or Obituary WIN?

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Obituary FAIL

news obituary reporting - 6565713920
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Small Step FAIL

accidental sexy obituary - 6547638016
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