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12 reddit text images discussion on transaction between contractor and supplier | thumbnail "r/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/snakepeterman · 1d 2 3 S 4 You want the product shipped Next Day Air no matter the cost? Roger that! "

Irate Contractor Feels Unreasonably Duped By Freight Price After Declining Estimate

Take a seat, buddy
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12 text based reddit images | thumbnail  background image of garbage bag full of stuff x2 with reddit title text "Wellthatsucks + Join u/archofimagine · 2d • 2 S 6 Got back to hotel after working 12hrs... to find that they bagged all our stuff into a trash bag and gave our (paid for) room away. Thanks, Choice Hotels."

Hotel Aggressively Packs Up And Gives Away Customer's Paid Room, Outrage Ensues

That sucks bigtime
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You're Making Me REALLY Un-Kampf-ortable

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classic failboat g rated jail not cool racist sign - 4343597312
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bad idea cancer Death not cool - 3361364992


drama not cool pets rip - 3171307008
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