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Twitter Thread: The Trials And Tribulations Of Getting Into Anime And Manga

It's hard to explain the rise in popularity that manga and anime have seen in the last 20 years. What could be described as “big headed, doe-eyed high schoolers fighting monsters” is not necessarily inaccurate and could be used to describe a pretty fair chunk of a lot of the medium. But hey man, people like it, and if a lot of people like something that usually means there's some value in it. Except for Ska. There's no reason that ska should exist. Just listen to surf rock and call it a day. Ma…
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True That

Picture of storm trooper car parked with joke about how they always miss their shots.
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Guess She Rather WOULD Kiss a Wookie

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The Rice Krispie Mos Eisley

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Bookshelf WIN

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It Turns Out Bat-Armor is Perfect for Riding

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Are Ready For Your First Badge?

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Ok But When Will He Name One After His OTP Ship Name?

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LEGO Apartment WIN

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Now This is a Customer Service WIN

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Bless This Bathroom

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So Close, but Not the Right Reference

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Way Better Than Garden Gnomes

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The Dungeon Master from the Old DnD Cartoon Gets a Cool LEGO Makeover

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The New Episode VII X-Wing Makes its Remote-Controlled Debut

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This LEGO Ball Contraption is Seriously Gigantic

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