A quick Tumblr post celebrates people's inner nerd tendencies. | fandomsandfeminism My favorite thing is listening people go into extreme detail about some micro- aspect some hobby they love know nothing about. My mother law loves bird watching other day she told about birder world is ROCKED with controversy about new Audubon society bird naming conventions, particularly their new guidelines on hyphenation.

Tumblr Post Celebrates People's Inner Nerd

Nerd out with pride.
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Jeopardy Music sick burn embarrassing TV nerd Video - 294407

Alex Trebek Busts Out a Sick Burn on a Nerdy Contestant's Hobby on Jeopardy

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Geeks in Love

dating geek mario nerd relationships Skyrim star wars video games zelda - 5737569792

Don't Mess With This Badass

geek nerd - 6549470208
By Unknown

You Laugh, but the Ladies Love His Python (Coding)

cars nerd dating - 7948717056
By Unknown

Keep Your Eye on the Important Things in Life

world of warcraft forever alone nerd funny g rated dating - 7753957632
By Unknown

He Doesn't Even Need to Drop the Base

science biology nerd funny enzyme - 7607378176
By Unknown

Nerds Are the Best

learning nerd intelligent - 7358777856
By Unknown

What a Nerd

bart simpsons nerd - 7047972096
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nerd Skyrim math graph g rated School of FAIL - 6916037888
By Vanos_Ira

Nerd Alert!

nerd - 6865818624
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Ice Cold Gangsta

necklace Bling nerd - 6772658944
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It Was Only in My Dream

nerd - 6738314496
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BS at GS

dating gamestop forever alone nerd girlfriend - 6674651648
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"Live Long and May the Prosperity Be With You" -- Doctor Who

doctor who nerd geek obi-wan kenobi Captain Picard William Shatner Star Trek patrick stewart - 6631394816
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+1 Virginity

cosplay nerd - 6635266304
By Unknown
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