Wholeseom thread on opportunity rover | After 15 years Oppy flipping double bird her original 90 day life expectancy planet-spanning dust storm finally knocked her out and she stopped responding engineer's wake-up messages, they started playing music her. And after 8 months and almost 1000 unanswered wake-up messages finally clear Oppy never going wake up last thing these world-class NASA engineers did their little rover on another planet play her love song

Tumblr Thread: NASA's Care for Opportunity Rover is a Feels Expedition

Hope you're somewhere better, Oppy.
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NASA launches an investigation into Anne McClain for the first potential crime in space, and people react with wordplay jokes on Twitter

NASA Investigates Anne McClain For First Crime In Space, Twitter Trolls Her To Oblivion

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science tumblr posts about sounding smart

Tumblr Thread Captures The Stupid Realities Of Scientific Language

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Mars science rover technology interesting Astronomy amazing space nasa - 7738117

After a Long and Fruitful Life, the Mars Rover "Opportunity" Is Dead

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nasa Mars ridiculous reaction funny space planet - 7256069

NASA InSight Gets Dragged For Astronomically Underwhelming First Pic From Mars

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Lame Achievements

17 Achievements That Sounds Great but Aren't

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nasa internship

Wildly Immature Girl Loses Her NASA Internship After Ridiculous Twitter Argument

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NASA Discovered Seven New Planets, So You Know People Are Freaking the F Out

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aww nasa baby kids awesome cute surprise parenting reaction win - 1235717

Dad Turns Daughter's Sleep Suit Into Awesome NASA Space Suit and Films Wife's Adorable Reaction

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NASA Added a 13th Astrology Sign and People Don't Know Who They Are Anymore

image nasa astrology
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A Flat Earther's Completely Reasonable List Of Demands

nasa failbook facebook space - 8971410944
Created by AimtoMisbehave
nasa kids nfl summer pool parenting outer space family - 887301

NFL Player James Harrison Is Launching Kids Into Outer Space

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nasa art Star Trek science space - 188423

NASA Designed Concept Art for a Warp Ship Based on the Star Trek Enterprise

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Going Beyond the Flat Earth Conspiracy, the Moon is Flat Too

nasa flat earth FAIL moon facepalm facebook science space - 8747600896
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nasa science Video space - 77618689

Sit Back and Let the Cascading Magnetic Arches on the Sun Be Your Moment of Zen for the Day

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NASA Captures a Stunning Image of the North Atlantic Ocean, Who Knew Phytoplankton Could Look So Good?

science NASA Captures a Stunning Image of the North Atlantic Ocean, Who Knew Phytoplankton Could Look So Good?
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