I mustache you not to laugh, these majestic pieces of facial hair are a man's (or woman's) crowning show of vigor. Some may just grow it out endlessly, others may style it, and still others create a diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg from their lip whiskers. So enjoy how far someone can take a mustache joke and check out these memes and gifs all about the stash.

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Haven't You Always Wondered What Your Baby Would Look Like With Facial Hair?

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I Don't Just Wake Up Looking This Good

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These Babies Are Up to Something

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Must Be the Mustache

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The Only Way I Open Beers

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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BAT-STACHE!

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Get a Look at the Follicles From This Year's Beard and Mustache Championship Winners

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Stick With a Theme

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This Pun Was Months in the Making

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A Literal Translation

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Beyonce Loves Her Mustache

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When Love of a Brand Goes Too Far

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Hipster Baby in Training

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That's What PBR Will Do to You

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Now Where Did I Put My Spectacles?

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The Headstache

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