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Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

31 Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

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Music lyrics Morgan Freeman Video justin bieber - 78596865

Sit Back and Enjoy Morgan Freeman Dramatically Reading 'Love Yourself'

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Our Lord and Savior Approves

Via Acid Cow

Nah, Morgan Freeman is Just Hanging Out in That Little Town by the Beach

Via Wondermonkeydans
lebron james Morgan Freeman Video sports - 62821889

Frank Caliendo Reads Lebron's "I'm Coming Home Letter"... as Morgan Freeman

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The Soothing Tones of the Morgan Freeman GPS is a Bittersweet Experience

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Meanwhile in India of the Day: Morgan Freeman Mistaken for Nelson Mandela on Billbaord

Morgan Freeman whoops nelson mandela sign - 7963477248
Via Huffington Post

For Real Now?

FAIL Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7943444480
By caffienated101

Nelson = Morgan Freeman?

art Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7944795648
By LeParisien

R.I.P. Nelson Freeman

Morgan Freeman nelson mandela - 7947308544
By V J
Morgan Freeman - 55702017

Morgan Freeman Reads 'The Fox'

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twerking selfie Morgan Freeman monday thru friday - 54169857

Morgan Freeman Does a Dramatic Reading of the New Oxford English Dictionary Entries

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reading Morgan Freeman funny Video - 52477953

"Morgan Freeman" Does a Dramatic Reading of "Everybody Poops"

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His Mom Must Sound Pretty Interesting

parenting mom Morgan Freeman - 7573302272
By ShaunSpencer

Morgan Freeman Falls Asleep During a TV Interview

gifs TV Morgan Freeman sleeping funny - 7490807552
By Unknown

Have You Seen That One Movie Where Morgan Freeman Plays Somebody Awesome?

matthew mcconaughey megan fox Russell Brand Morgan Freeman Will Ferrell failbook g rated - 4967145216
By Zane
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