Got milk? We do. It would be utter-ly inconsiderate of us not to provide you with hilarious and punny memes and jokes all about that great source of Calcium. These silky smooth laughs will have you making sure you grow big and strong with another glass of milk to go with them.

customer claims to be allergic to milk but orders drink with cream

Customer Claims She Is Allergic To Milk, Orders Drink With Cream Instead

The customer is always...uh...
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humor drinking milk ridiculous funny Video - 107186433

Guy Carbonates Milk, Proceeds To Question Existence

A natural enough reaction there, bud.
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Dude tries to tackle the gallon milk challenge, and ends up failing miserably.

Egotistical Dude Underestimates Milk Gallon Challenge, Pays The Price

Oh, the pain.
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Roommate buys milk for their lactose intolerant roommate to steal | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/gottmilk_ 23 hours ago F 2 AITA switching regular milk prove my lactose intolerant roommate keeps stealing Not hole and 2 other guys share an apartment together and split all bills only thing don't split costs on is groceries. Everyone's charge buying their own food and don't touch whatever doesn't belong us fridge put our names on everything so no one gets mixed up.

Food Thief Gets Reckoning When Roommate Buys Regular Milk

Let the record show he denied taking anything in the first place.
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nostalgic video about struggles of opening milk cartons

People Struggle To Open Milk Cartons In 1976

What a serious problem to be plagued by.
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diet milk internet judgement niece Oreos uncle vegan allergy sister asshole cookies - 8175109

Uncle Asks Internet If He's Wrong to Give His Vegan Niece Milk and Cookies

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tumblr rant about staff messing with peoples order out of spite

Tumblr Goes into Gory Details of Why You Shouldn't Change a Customer's Order

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mom demands another woman's breast milk

Entitled Mom Demands Woman’s Milk, and That She Go Off Medication

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people trying things for the first must have been all like 4m6c9hx

14 People Imagine If They Were The First Person To Try Something

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allergy stories

11 People With Serious Allergies Who Were Tricked By A**holes Who Didn't Believe Them

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milk conversation texting - 5733893

Guy Asks Buddy To Watch His Chocolate Milk And A+ Texts Ensue

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england milk truck - 5063173

Truck Spills its Dairy Load on English Road

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Happened Upon Quite the Sticky Situation Here

Picture of glue container in fridge that ended up looking just like a gallon of milk.
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twitter pizza milk - 1686021

Forget Pineapple Pizza Because People Are Dipping Pizza in Milk and Let's Just End Earth Right Now

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Spilled Milk Brings All the Cats to the Yard

spilled milk brings all the cats to the yard
Via @catmeme.s

No Milk Will Ever Be "Our Milk"

Babies milk parenting breast feeding - 8812814080
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