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'I turned on my camera and allowed the entire call to see': Student maliciously complies with club rules

It might help if this school club was just a tad bit more accomodating. Maybe they'll change their policies after a chat with one student. Since the beginning of the 2020s, people have adapted video calling into their everyday lives. For a while, people used it for work and school when we all had to be isolated from each other. But even after the fact, people still love video calls. Facetiming your family is a great way to have a face-to-face conversation that's a little more personal than a ph…
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That Time an Unprepared Anchor Said F*cking Sh*t on Air

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Panicked Reporter Is No Match for Tuba

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Wait, the Battery Pack Doesn't Pick Up the Best Vocals?

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No, No, You Sing Into the Round End

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Hot Mic of the Day: Wisconsin Basketball Player Calls Stenographer ‘Beautiful’ in Press Conference

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This School Board Member Really Should Have Checked to See if He Was Still on Mic

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As if Clipping to His Shirt Was an Option

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Screech of the Day

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Throw Some Dirt on the Track, Like, Literally Dirt, Rub it in There

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Shh... Don't Tell Her... It's Probably Better This Way

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Little Brother Wants a Microphone Stand for Christmas?

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Is This Thing On?

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The Classiest of Microphone Stands

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There I Fixed It: Sound Engineer Level: Ultra Mega Pro

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The Headphone Cam

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