guests news fired FAIL job anchor swearing cringe microphone mistake stupid - 98046721

That Time an Unprepared Anchor Said F*cking Sh*t on Air

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live hilarious news FAIL reporter tuba microphone funny stupid - 97769217

Panicked Reporter Is No Match for Tuba

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busted FAIL microphone lip sync - 78367745

Wait, the Battery Pack Doesn't Pick Up the Best Vocals?

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No, No, You Sing Into the Round End

live microphone show - 5797964800
sports whoops cringe microphone basketball Video - 69769473

Hot Mic of the Day: Wisconsin Basketball Player Calls Stenographer ‘Beautiful’ in Press Conference

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whoops Awkward microphone Video - 60927745

This School Board Member Really Should Have Checked to See if He Was Still on Mic

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As if Clipping to His Shirt Was an Option

beard microphone - 8154162176
Via Arbroath
microphone Music - 53009153

Screech of the Day

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Throw Some Dirt on the Track, Like, Literally Dirt, Rub it in There

microphone Music FAILS g rated - 7022451456

Shh... Don't Tell Her... It's Probably Better This Way

FAIL backwards microphone Music FAILS g rated - 6981502208

Little Brother Wants a Microphone Stand for Christmas?

microphone g rated there I fixed it - 6900996096

Is This Thing On?

street performer microphone - 6760257536

The Classiest of Microphone Stands

microphone water bottle water jug - 6562127872
Created by Unknown

There I Fixed It: Sound Engineer Level: Ultra Mega Pro

microphone Music - 6517803520
Created by Unknown

The Headphone Cam

headphones headset microphone webcam - 6287662592
Created by A442

FAILed This Way

dancing lady gaga microphone ouch - 5844248320
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