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'The sweater I bought cannot be maintained': 40+ Fresh Memes and Tweets For Your Viewing Pleasure (April 13th 2022)

Coming up with openers for an unspecified meme list is challenging—one of the many reasons why I am sure to be replaced by AI in the near future. I asked OpenAI's ChatGPT to write me a “funny story about a meme,” and this is what it came up with. The results are—well—you can be the judge of that, but I think my job is safe—for now at least. "Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a group of memes. These memes were known throughout the land for their wit, humor, and their ability…
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40+ Fresh Memes and Tweets For Your Viewing Pleasure (April 7th 2023)

There's nothing like sitting back with a fresh cup of coffee in a soft, comfy chair as the warmth of the morning sun soaks into your skin. Basking in its scarlet radiance, you contemplate the ensuing day and where, on which paths, it might take you. Of course, most of us replace this idyllic morning routine with the instant gratification of doom scrolling social media… in a still dark room, immersed in the white light of a phone screen, our brains hooked into the dopamine stream before we're ev…
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50+ Random Memes to Enhance Your Existence on This Mortal Plane

In scheduling out our Facebook page, I go through a lot of memes — it's just kind of the nature of the job. Throughout the course of this delicate and precise selection process, there are dozens of memes that don't make the cut; these are the ones that did. This selection, a heaping helping of 50+ memes, are those that we have posted to our section's Facebook page. Consider this a spiritual successor to last year's “Most Memes of the Week” series, which I made the executive decision to disconti…
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A Canister of 20+ Assorted Memes to Ingest With Your Eyes

Feast your eyes on this delightfully distinct receptacle. It's simply stuffed with a range and variety of assorted memes and funny pieces of the wild reaches of the internet. Ok, maybe it's not nearly quite so grand or unordinary as I'd like you to believe -regardless, these memes are still very much present and plentiful. What are memes, if not a reminder that our lives are just made up of little repeated hits of dopamine? Some of them big, some of them small, some of them in between. We're al…
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23 Slightly Cursed Food Memes With a Side of Weird For Your Voracious Consumption

Are you feeling hungry? Well, get ready to be confused and hungry… Once you feast your eyes on this unfortunately strange collection of food memes and cursed images your stomach will be confused into complete submission. That's all well and good because food is one of the great common denominators. We all need food and love to eat food. Food brings all of us together and is the centerpiece of holidays and family gatherings across the western world. Why come to think of it, I myself have just ea…
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20+ Unbearable Bear Memes That Bear-ly Made Us Laugh

Bears are pretty cool, there's really just no denying that. What's not to love about a family of mammals that can manage to be simultaneously cuddly, adorable, and also apex predators that would kill you without remorse? True, there is a bit of a variation on the bear spectrum ranging from more cuddly/dopey to more sharp/murdery but the point still stands. The first end of this spectrum is undoubtedly claimed on one end by the Panda Bear whose famously incompetent disposition almost led to its…
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FailBlog's 30 Most Memes of the Week

Ayyy gals and fellas. Here's this week's most meme list, coming at ya hard and fast. Better late than never, eh? Here are a couple of responses from last week's post, which you can see here . #20 was indeed Monty Python as pointed out by “My Username” in the comments. ""First light... at dawn" has been brought to you by the department of redundancies department." user “I'm Guest" remarked in response to the tragically overused LOTR meme I included in last week's post. That's all I have time for…
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Fail Blog's 30 Most Memes of the Week

These memes certainly were some of the memes. In fact, they remain some of the memes that we have ever seen. That's why they're making it this week into our memes of the week… because they certainly were that. A day late and a dollar short this week but here's this week's collection of memes that we've posted to Facebook. One might even say that they were “Top” memes if they were so inclined.
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A Bunch o' Daft British Memes For the Lot o' You

Is that British or Irish? Sorry, I get confused. Just a bunch of smarmy blokes (wanted to use the c-word here but I'd get fired) on a bunch of different islands to me. Insults to our various islanded brethren aside… it has recently become the case that London is our most trafficked city. For whatever reason you Londoners just can't get enough of this wretched site. It might come as just as much of a surprise to the rest of you as it is to us but cheers to you lot.
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Fail Blog's Top 30 Memes of the Week (August 15, 2022)

Welcome back to another edition of Fail Blog's top memes of the week. Another day, another dollar. Another week, teetotaller. I hope that everyone has had a genuinely fantastic, banger of a weekend -filled with lots of memories and relaxation. As before, the previous iteration of this list is being lazily abandoned, but I'm going to start including my favorite comments from the previous week's post in the text in the hopes of making my job of writing something at the start of each of these some…
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Fail Blog's Top Memes of the Week (August 8, 2022)

Welcome to another edition of our top meme list. We've made it three whole weeks in a row, which is nothing short of a miracle. Here's a collection of some of my favorite memes, but as usual we're just going to say that they're the “top” memes instead. Just letting you know so that when you see “top" being thrown around like it's candy from a piñata, we all know that we're on the same page. I took
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Meme Meister: Fail Blog's Top 20 Memes of the Week That We've Posted to Facebook (August 1, 2022)

Despite drawing abysmal traffic from social channels in week one, the previous iteration of this list received so many upvotes on site that I feel obligated to continue with this. Seriously guys? Do you like this stuff? Meanwhile, the Logan Paul tweet that I ran received nearly 100% downvotes. I ain't even mad. That's just impressive. Here's this week's collection of twenty of my favorite memes, which I am henceforth referring to as “top memes” because I'm a narcissistic editor who believes tha…
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Meme Meister: Top 20 Memes of the Week (That We've Posted to Facebook) (July 25, 2022)

What is a top meme? Who decides that? Well, I guess I do… but who made that my choice?
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Dirty Memes For the Dirty Minded | Skirt -  go first Her: Are sure Yes no problem not rush.

34 Dirty Memes For the Dirty Minded

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16 Ultimate Responses to "What Are Your Intentions for My Daughter?"

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32 Vegan Memes That Will Make You Want a Steak

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