scary wtf wood dummy demonstration test safety machine - 107411969

Simulation Shows How Fast A Wood Chipper Accident Is

That's... abrupt.
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video of a 3D printer made to make sandwiches

3D Printer Turned Into Sandwich Making Robot

The future is here and it makes sandwiches.
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Video of machine whose only function is to shut itself off.

Useless Machine is Very Useless

But it is very cool.
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lucky car crash avoids dude on motorcycle

Seriously Lucky Dude Avoids Bad Crash

Coulda been worse.
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Excavator lifts deer in bucket from mud hole.

Excavator Operator Saves Stuck Deer

It's like divine intervention via scoop.
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Heavy Machinery operator makes a basketball shot.

Heavy Machinery Making a Basket

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carving wood from a tree into a mug

Guy Turns Piece Of Tree Into Coffee Mug

Creative and amazing.
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Guys drive air powered couch to McDonald's.

Dudes Drive Air Powered Couch to Drive Thru

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fighter jets flying low

Spectators Witness Extremely Close Mach-Loop By An F-15

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scary intelligence learning fake robots podcast joe rogan artificial intelligence comedian machine - 97263873

AI Joe Rogan Voice Is Creepily Realistic, Especially With Chimp Obsession

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scary warning signs

25 Highly Threatening Warning Signs That Really Make Their Point

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scary warning sign spooky signs equipment dangerous funny funny signs drowning machine - 6682885

17 Signs That Are More Terrifying than They have to Be

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The Waffle Monster Is Very Pleased

Via Moonchay
breakfast robots Video machine - 75612673

This Breakfast Robot Being Bad at Its Job is an Absolute Joy to Watch

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on the job Video machine - 71977985

Do You Have Real Hot Dog Precision?

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You Know What To Do!

bear grylls machine soda - 4655934208
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