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funny twitter thread star wars coffee preferences | Violet Wilson @ViWiWrites Star Wars Characters and they make their coffee thread Obi Wan makes French press coffee and gently uses just weight his hand lower filter, so sediment isn't overly disturbed and acidity is controlled. | Kylo Ren uses an Aeropress because like, come on, just LOOK AT

Twitter Thread: Star Wars Characters' Coffee Preferences

It could use a squirt of blue milk.
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seth meyers star wars impression awesome luke skywalker stories interview funny television Mark Hamill - 96766977

Mark Hamill Nails a Perfect Harrison Ford Impression

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star wars the force luke skywalker tweets story the last jedi - 6213381

Guy Sets The Record Straight On Luke Skywalker

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geek twitter marvel star wars luke skywalker captain america ridiculous superheroes - 6077957

Dad Accidentally Starts Twitter Beef Between Luke Skywalker And Captain America

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Watch Mark Hamill Force Choke the Shit Out of Trump Staffer With One Tweet

fail mark hamill shuts down twitter troll
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Mark Hamill Has the BEST Response to a Girl Asking to Be Luke Skywalker

twitter star wars luke skywalker Mark Hamill Jedi - 8805678848
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London tribute luke skywalker dance train Video win - 79760897

One Londoner Paid Tribute to Prince with a Dance on the Tube

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This Twitter Battle Between Very Lonely Luke and Emo Kylo Ren Takes the Cake

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Drake hotline bling luke skywalker TV Video - 77073921

Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz of the Year Had a Quintessentially-British 'Hotline Bling' Dance

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scifi star wars luke skywalker Video - 75950593

Can You Guess How Many Deaths Luke is Responsible in Star Wars (So Far)?

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Like a Boss job weather luke skywalker name win - 74149633

Watch in Awe as This Weatherman Smoothly Pronounces UK's Longest Place Name

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Even Darth Vader Tells Dad Jokes

star wars dad jokes luke skywalker parenting darth vader - 8402496768
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The Lighter Side of the Dark Side

dad jokes luke skywalker parenting dad darth vader - 8347262208
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Skywalkers Love Beer

beer star wars luke skywalker funny - 8132747264
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This is Not the Christmas Tree You're Looking For...

christmas star wars luke skywalker failbook g rated - 6921442560
By Yueswoman

Your Move, Dark Side

fathers day star wars luke skywalker chess funny darth vader - 7537560576
By Unknown
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