story of guy who battles locked gate policy by asking for boat early

Guy Defeats Dumb Locked Gate Policy With Well-Timed Fishing Trip

The early bird gets the worm.
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Reddit story of boss who gets locked out based on their own policy | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by darlin_squishy Maliciously complied and locked my boss out his own home EDIT: Thank so much gold award used work as property manager semi large company small city. Among usual duties PM

Manager Gets Nailed By His Own Unfair Policy

The tables, how they turn.
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Umbrella falls in an office and jams the door keeping people out for two days. Twitter tries to help with ideas.

Fallen Umbrella Locks Out Entire Company for Days

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how to pick out a good lock and how to pick a bad one

Lockpicking Lawyer Shows How to Decode Padlock in a Minute

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That's the Last time You'll Be Locking That Bike Up

bicycle FAIL lock classic - 8979824896
Created by QuidoX
security FAIL lock fire Video - 79657473

You Can Open a Lock Without a Key, You Just Need Patience and a Blowtorch

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Where'd the Socket Wrench Go?

door door lock lock socket wrench wrench - 6296519168


lock padlock - 6713120256

Firefighters Were Ready to En-Gauge the Task

Via Acid Cow

There's No Escape

car lock trunk - 4953289472
Created by SR1977 ( Via )

Will Seriously Shiv The Next Person That Barges In

lock Mission Improbable privacy public bathroom - 3658750720

That's Right, No One Will Steal This Bike Lock!

lock facepalm bike fail nation g rated - 8378552832
Created by beernbiccies

In Case of Emergency, Time is of the Essence

monday thru friday emergency lock - 8372054016
Via xaxor

How to Keep Ice Cream in the Office Freezer

freezer monday thru friday lock ice cream g rated - 8313968128
Via Peter Brown

Protect Your Child's Sweet Ride

lock kids parenting tricycle - 8312855808
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Parental Locks Used to Be Much Harder to Hack

lock kids parenting video games nintendo g rated - 8316664320
Via perc10
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