Twitter users describe a series of unrealistic standards that are created by romance novels.

Unrealistic Standards Created By Imaginative Romance Novels

Romance novels are deadly.
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Twitter thread of annotates Bukowski from woman who's not putting up with it

Woman Finds Annotated Bukowski Book, It's Filled With Comedy Gold

She clearly wasn't gonna put up with it.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about how literary coincidences can end up getting authors in hot water.

Tumblr Thread: Literary Coincidences Get Authors In Hot Water

Those best guesses can end up being quite risky.
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A funny Twitter thread about the sequel to The Dalmatians.

Twitter Thread: The Wild Sequel To "One Hundred And One Dalmatians"

Pretty dang wild.
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A bookworm student has their book confiscated, and then their master plan springs into action.

Bookworm Student Has Book Confiscated, Master Plan Springs Into Action

Bookworms unite.
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A humorous Tumblr post imagines where books came from.

Humorous Tumblr Post Imagines Where Books Come From

Yep, checks out.
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A former English teacher ends up defending a controversial Christmas song. | Andrew Rannells @AndrewRannells don't think any more people need record Baby 's Cold Outside think good there. teachingwithcoffee 's time bring an end Rape Anthem Masquerading As Christmas Carol

Tumblr Post: Former English Teacher Defends Controversial Christmas Song

A ceaseless debate.
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A quick and funny Tumblr thread imagines Tolkien and CS Lewis beefing | lesbianrey Follow hi tolkien here are my ocs call them Elves (not elfs if call them elfs will block they look like humans but they're tall, live forever, and have pointy ears s bye katobleps Follow cs lewis: are alright with constructive criticism dont want sound mean tolkien: no go ahead want hear cs lewis: they fucking suck tolkien: thats not constructive criticism 788 51 Comments Like Comment Share lazytechsupport

Quick Tumblr Thread Imagines J.R.R. Tolkien And C.S. Lewis Beefin

And then it actually got real.
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A quick Tumblr post on how cowboy tips end up making for great life advice | generalgrievousdatingsim im reading about cowboy phrases and sayings and like 95 them are just solid life advice generalgrievousdatingsim | Things Cowboy Should Not Do Here are some words live by according cowboys. Some are really good advice and all are funny cowboy sayings Don't squat with spurs on Don't let yearnings get ahead earnings Don't dig water under outhouse Don't go if don't know way out Don't mess with some

Tumblr Post: Cowboy Tips Make Great Life Advice

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Funny tumblr posts and memes | 1 lordmeowdemort Hello my baby hello my honey hello darkness my old friend purplethebunny dare make hear this with my own internal monologue. 108,737 notes >

Weird, Silly and Stupid Tumblr Gems

It's just idea salad, man.
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Quick Tumblr thread calls out intellectual elitism | Criticize morgynleri by crea ever loving fuck is with "creative" writing professors who think speculative fiction any stripe ISN'T CREATIVE? thebibliosphere till remember my own creative writing teacher telling this because he saw Terry Pratchett book on my desk and got this smug smirk on his face like "aha, gotcha He had nerve pick up and call popularist fiction like somehow being popular and easily accessible made less inherent intellectual

Quick Tumblr Thread: Intellectual Elitism Gets Called Out

Self-important turnip is a fun one.
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Tumblr thread addresses why you don't bring orangutan up at Edgar Allen Poe literature debates | winchysteria have told this story yet? idk but 's good Orangutan Story: my american lit professor went this poe conference. like be clear this is man who has doctorate being book nerd. he reads moby dick his four-year-old son. and poe is one cornerstones american literature, right, so this should be right up his alley? wrong. apparently poe scholars are like, advanced. there is branch edgar allen poe

Tumblr Thread: Raging Nerds And An Orangutan

Orangutans and Poe conferences don't mix well.
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Australians relate to a culturally accurate Tumblr thread on Australian Gothic literature.

Australians Relate To Culturally Accurate Australian Gothic Tumblr Thread

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Various authors on Twitter are bonding with overused phrases that they find in literature.

Writers Bond On Twitter With Painfully Overused Phrases

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Terry Pratchett quote about gods

20 Terry Pratchett Quotes

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Funny guy leaves amazing poetry throughout the comments section of Pornhub.

Favorite Times the Poet of Pornhub Rocked Comments Section With Literary Gold

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