scary nature video lion enters car

Lion Opens Car Door, Humans Freak Out

Hard nope on this one.
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little known history

10 Crazy Pieces of History That You Probably Didn't Know About

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Make Sure To Add That On Yelp Too

Make Sure To Add That On Yelp Too
Via stone122311

Nice Eyes!

bad lions wtf tattoos - 4291315200
By Unknown

Leo Daniel Was a Lion

lions wtf tattoos funny - 4777137664
By Unknown

Hear Me Roar

lions tattoos - 4286246656
By Bloeduwedd

This Lion Looks Really Skeptical

lions tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4396896768
By Unknown

His Hand is Lion

lions hands tattoos funny - 7866769664
By charles_n_charge (Via Cheezburger)

A Majestic Lion

lions tattoos funny - 4427040512

The Lion Must Shave The Lamb

lions tattoos funny - 4423467520
By Unknown

Oh My, These Guys Are Friends for Life

lions bears funny animals - 7807257088
By Unknown

A Biology Lesson Illustrated

lions wtf tattoos funny - 4648531712
By augustin11

For the Cougar on the Go

lions shoes funny - 7613854464

I'd Be Lion If I Said I Wanted That Tat

lions backs tattoos funny - 4688410624
By Unknown

The Head of the Tiger

lions tigers head tattoos - 7321279232
By Unknown

Suddenly, the $100 Tat Doesn't Seem So Bad

lions good vs bad tattoos - 6683849728
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos
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