Russian teen recovers after being struck by lightning while playing soccer.

Russian Teen Recovers after Being Struck by Lightning

Holy Crap.
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fail interview with woman who was hit by lightning

Woman Wakes Up From Lightning Strike After Two Weeks

It's too good.
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storm chasing video cool mysterious lighting strikes

Storm Chasers Capture Rare Footage Of Red Sprites Lightning

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statistics and odds

The Heartbreaking Odds of 20 Different Things Happening to You

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FAIL cringe weather ridiculous lightning Video - 419590

Woman Struck By Lightning Speaks For The First Time

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Video of a plane responding to being struck by lightning will reassure you because of how graceful it is.

Watching This Plane's Response To Scary Lightning Strike Is Surprisingly Reassuring

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mother nature ftw australia close call lightning Video - 84028929

Would You Keep as Cool as This Aussie with a Lightning Strike That Close Behind You?

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slow motion mother nature ftw lightning Video - 80470785

Watching a Lightning Storm in Slow Motion Will Make You Say 'Damn Mother Nature'

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Bison Named 'Sparky' Walks Away From Lightning Strike With Epic Scar

Via Mashable
weather Damn Nature U Scary ocean facebook lightning Video - 162823

Watching Lightning Strike the Gulf of Mexico is a Reminder That Mother Nature Will Do Whatever It Wants

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mother nature ftw vine australia weather driving lightning - 76091137

This Footage of a Van Getting Struck By Lightning Will Remind You That Mother Nature is In Charge

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nature lightning volcano - 74616065

Nature of the Day: A Patagonia Volcano Unleashes a Torrent of Impressive Ash Cloud Lightning

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neat science lightning Video - 71465217

Making a Little Ball Lightning in a Vodka Bottle!

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mother nature ftw weather krakoom church lightning Video - 71450625

Weather of the Day: Watch Lightning Strike a Church in Maine

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Perfectly Timed Photographic Evidence of Thor's Arrival

Via TmarTn

And If You'll Look Out the Right Side of the Plane, You'll See Some Heavenly Wrath...

Via Nicolai_Juani
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