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The Top 10 Liars of the Week Getting Roasted Online

These liars got put in their place for making wildly inaccurate claims online.
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mother in law lies about having allergies because she is a picky eater

Mother-In-Law Lies About Allergies For Years, Gets Called Out When She Steals Mousse

Really, lady?
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fiancee brags about being breadwinner but is financially unstable

Fiancée Brags About Being Breadwinner, Is Late On Rent And Only Spends Money On Herself

What a shining example of what not to do.
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front desk guy shows facts to cheap guest

Lying Husband Blames Employee For Cheap Room, Gets Destroyed By The Truth

Good one, dude.
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coworker charges expenses to company card in coworker's name, doesn't work out

Devious Woman Tries To Frame Her Coworker With Frivolous Expenses, Justice Is Administered

Welcome, Karma.
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quit your bullshit liar roast roasted - 16523781

20 Terrible Liars Get Called Out and Put on Blast, Top Lies of the Month (February 2022)

It's time to quit your bullsh*t.
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Viral TikToker admits he lies in his videos, but people still believe him.

"My Journey to Becoming a Pathological Liar": Viral TikToker Straight Up Admits He Lies In Every Video, Yet Still Has Viewers Thinking He's Telling the Truth

“I thought I'd start a series where I'd just lie and say the most insane things that surely no one would believe…”
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AAA customer lies about baby being locked inside car, gets keys locked in again

AAA Customer Lies That He's Locked A Baby In His Car, Gets Instant Karma

Don't lie to AAA, apparently.
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Guy leaves woman at bar, she freaks out, claims to be a rich model with personal body guards and accuses him of stealing | Jordan Yesterday way out league physically, mentally emotionally can't even believe this right now Never my life also model maxim.

Entitled Model Gets Ghosted, Cannot Handle It

This looks like a mess.
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Mom gets legal revenge on lying woman and cop who lied about car accident | r/ProRevenge Posted by u/alex567890101 10 hours ago Woman Damages my Mom's Car and Blames my Mom. Her Corrupt Cop Boyfriend Covers Up and Ruins Both Their Reputations don't know if this counts as Pro Revenge or not but thought pretty funny and they got they deserved. This post is super long so have TLDR at end some background live predominantly white suburban town New Jersey and my family is Asian. Although town is

Mom Hammers Lying Lady and Corrupt Cop Boyfriend

Sometimes justice prevails.
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Stories of people faking illnesses and injuries | reddit post jmikk85 25.6k points 1 day ago Opthalmology technician. People pretend be blind all time. Go check their eye pressure with tonopen device poke them DIRECTLY into eye with and they go FUCK IS THING

People Who Faked Injuries and Illnesses

It's gotta be weird to be in medicine.
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Employee's attempt at lying to boss by using photoshop ends up backfiring terribly | posted by sydneyywhitson my coworker called yet again and said she had nail on her tire caused her have flat need everyone stop they're doing and ZOOM NAIL PICTURE SHE SENT MY BOSS

Employee's Attempt At Lying To Boss Backfires

They're not doing it right.
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Person discovers secret family fudge recipe is just from a can and thinks about what to do next | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by absolutirony WIBTA if told my family our "secret family recipe" came side can? Growing up every year around holidays my mom would make fudge story this amazing fudge recipe came her grandma who snagged famous candy maker. My mom didn't get recipe until she an adult and were always told couldn't have until were 30.

Person Discovers Secret Family Recipe Came from a Can

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Entitled college slacker demands notes and is rude when there aren't any.

Entitled College Slacker Demands Classmate's Notes, Gets Denied

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Red flags when meeting new people.

Red Flags to Consider When Meeting Someone New

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liar gets called out for animal abuse

Woman Accused of Animal Abuse Because Someone Used Her Images in Awful Blog

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