Drink Enough and You Can Study Someone Else's Anatomy

anatomy wine label funny - 7466637824
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Well If You Say So

dont-care wine label - 7373112320
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Free Points WIN

label tldr - 7119623424
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Harry is Craving It

Harry Potter whoops label THE D - 7017384704
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How Ripe Are Those Cherries, Exactly?

you had one job label - 7014765312
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Fresh Meat FAIL

pedobear label food meat - 6848602624
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Classic: Knowing Your Audience FAIL

pop tarts sign label spelling - 6792343296
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Labeling WIN

razor dude parts cute label shaving - 6789661440
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Like it Was Burned? FAIL

DVD burn smell what label box - 6681698560
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Lazy Label FAIL

label - 6437415680
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Engage Beer Stealth Mode!

beer facebook label Party - 6028177664
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WIN!: Nutrition Facts WIN

food g rated Hall of Fame hot sauce label true facts win - 5797039360
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Bavarian Virgins Make All The Difference

alcohol booze bottle label - 5752719872
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Organic WIN

clever dye food label - 5412215808
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No Last Name. Just Not Becky

label name name tag passive aggressive - 5336908032
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When The Label Starts To Make Sense, You've Drank Too Much

Chemistry label makes sense science wait what wine - 5273652480
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