F**king Mondays

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When Sunday Evening Sneaks Up Like...

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Physics is a Hard Lesson to Learn




Think of the Dog Next Time You Stage a Dumb Photo Op

think of the dog next time you stage a dumb photo op
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kick mma ufc Video - 499204

Winning One Knock Out Kick at a Time

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kick ninja FAIL gas station cars win - 77499649

If You're Going to Steal a Car From a Gas Station, Watch Out For a Flying-Kick

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You Didn't Need That Face, Right?

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ducks kick win Video vine - 74009089

After All the Variations of Duck Army, This is the Rubber Duck Toy Video We All Deserve

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kick news FAIL pony Video - 73296641

An Adorable Micro Pony Kicks the Hell out of a Little Girl on Live Television

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kick instagram trick shot football win sports - 72927233

Watch as This Camper Wins a Trick Shot Competition With a Soccer/Football Hybrid Shot

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kick drunk punch Video - 72346369

This Drunk Guy Wants To Kick a Punching Bag After Seeing a Girl Do It First

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kick martial arts BAMF Video - 70888961

It's All Kicks All the Time in This Cool Martial Arts Compilation

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This Goalie Will Never Make a Better Save in His Career

gifs hockey kick funny g rated win - 7913214208
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kick beer wtf funny - 52303873

Kick Open a Beer

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kick martial arts BAMF Video - 48798465

No One Suspects This Kick

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