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Katy Perry fail prank museum

Katy Perry "Pranks" Museum Goers, Nobody Cares

A shining moment of cringe.
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Katy Perry Makes Creepy Comment About Bo Burnham Being 18-Years-Old

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theory about a demon possessing miley cyrus and katy perry

Proof That Miley Cyrus' Demon Jumped To Katy Perry ( Images)

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katy perry FAIL cringe ridiculous celeb funny museum - 98124545

Katy Perry Pranks Museum Goers But Nobody Recognizes Her/Cares

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twitter katy perry cringe parenting ridiculous funny - 5044229

Girl Lives To Regret Telling Her Dad How To Spell Katy Perry

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katy perry FAIL facebook - 4869893

Woman Claiming Her Sister Died In 9/11 Gets Caught Using Celebrity Photo

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katy perry news survivor trending ellen degeneres Video - 82448897

Happy Tearjerker of the Day: Katy Perry Surprises Orlando Shooting Survivor on Ellen

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katy perry conspiracy Video - 78457345

A Conspiracy Theorist "Solved" the Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey, She's Actually Katy Perry!

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katy perry religion parenting Video - 75801089

If You're the Parent of Katy Perry, You're Going to Be Ambushed By Crazy Christians Like This

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crazy katy perry concert fan - 74620417

Katy Perry Gets More Than She Bargained For With This Neck-Kissing Fan

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katy perry FAIL instagram Video - 74119937

Watching Katy Perry Struggle to Use a Segway at Burning Man is Oddly-Satisfying

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Baby You're A Firework

Via Instagram
katy perry a cappella cover roar - 54625793

An A Capella Cover of Katy Perry's Roar

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I Humbly Offer My Services in Retrieving That Earring

katy perry gifs ellen degeneres - 7066578944
By Unknown

All the Student Loans Are Worth it for the Dank Memes

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Clearly the Left Shark is the Antichrist

Via xeightyfourx
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