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Finnish Door-Opening Instructional Video Makes Opening A Door Look Easy

This Finnish instructional video from 1979 makes quick work of opening a door, and with enough practice, you can too. We've had it up to here with having to wait for our friends and coworkers to help open doors for us, and frankly it's time to learn. Now you too can go on the instructional journey of entering and exiting buildings, conveniently in Finnish. After this? Windows and gates.
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Guy's boss tells him to stand by spills so he does that for a very long time.

Boss Instructs Employee To Guard Spill, So He Does It for Hours

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funny weird how to and self help book covers

37 Weird and Specific How-To Books

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reddit story about farting

Guy Unleashes Pandora's Box of On Command Power Farting

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rules pictures FAIL ironic cakes instructions lol irony funny win - 8141573

14 Times People Followed Rules Way Too Well

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wtf product instructions - 4938501

9 WTF Instructions On Products

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That Move is So Old, Anyway

baby diaper instructions note Parenting Fail response - 5499551232
Created by batboysdad
instructions Video weed Seth Rogen - 78318593

Seth Rogen Wants You to Roll a Better Joint, So He's Gonna Teach You How

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baby instructions parenting Video - 72320513

Let This Dad Show You How To Hold a Baby

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This Explains Why We Don't See Android Screenshots Here

android complicated instructions - 6197285632
Created by AnnaBellas-Mom ( Via Know Your Cell )

You Really Need Instructions?

bathroom instructions signs toilet paper what - 4181338880
Created by rlsoundman

So Where Are They?

instructions poorly dressed tag g rated - 8377026048
Via Izismile

So That's How You Get All Potted Up!

good instructions for smoking pot
Via El Chupa Cabra

Way Better Than Ringing a Bell

Via Pleated Jeans

Can't You Follow Instructions, Ed?

monday thru friday instructions painting g rated - 8437839104
Via theBERRY
instructions parenting Video vacuum g rated - 68295937

Instructional Video Dad is Back to Show You How to Vacuum

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